Pokemon Role play claws!


Hello welcome to the Pokemon world! Here you can role play as a Pokemon or a Pokemon Trainer. Go to the guest book to make your Pokemon or Trainer. We now have 35 members! Thanks so much for visiting!

WARNING! Webs puts bad ads on the top of the page don't click them! Sorry I can't delete them....



1 have fun.

2Do not cuss please.

3. Let's say your screen name is 'Pikachu' and some one else comes on the site with the screen name 'Pikachu'. Then the 2nd person with that names HAS to put something after their name like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, etc. Just so we can tell the different between those people. 

4. Please do not put Ina-pro-pro pics up. At least put a blanket or something.

5.Please no playing others peoples Pokemon/Pokemon Trainers. Without asking them. If so please say so. 

 6. I know some of you don't believe I am saying this but. Please keep things G rated. Meaning no talking about the 'birds and the bees'! Or I can remove you. 

7. Please do not post more than 3 times in a row.

If you have any other questions about the rules ask me please. I can change these anytime.  


If you want to trade with members of this site who have Pokemon Black or White, you can put the pokemon you want, Friend code, And I am sure me or someone else well fill this request! Please put that in the pms or posts on there page!

Pokemon Role Play Claws. What does Claws mean? I don't know I was bored.

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